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Our company is working long time as an autonomous subject of production and as executive producer for third parties.
From storyboard to prototyping of multimedia products.
We coordinate the work of technicians, workers and specialists
We support them with broadcast equipment, including 4K
We optimize film sets


Customers come to La Bottega because they recognize the passion and the expertise
of a group of experienced and well-rehearsed.
The Evolving Role of post-production with the development of new technological opportunities allows to avail ourselves of the best broadcast solutions.
- On movie set with equipment for the Data Manager in 4K Raw with back-up and color grading
- In studio for assembling video / audio / compositing / conforming /
color grading on 4K master / finishing with master according to the standard required
by the various television networks or film distribution.
- 5 HD Video Editing (Avid Media Composer)
- 2 Video Editing (Final Cut / Premiere)
- 1 Sound Editing (Avid Pro Tools) with audio recording
- 1 Color Grading and Finishing Video 4K (DaVinci Resolve)
- 1 Video Compositing (Smoke)
- Broadcast room for reading and writing broadcast media, from traditional SD HDCAM
(U-Matic, BVU, Betacam SP, DV, DVCAM, Digital Betacam, IMX, Betacam SX, HDCAM, XDCAM, and systems management shooting digital as Red, Sony, ARRI, Canon, Blackmagic, etc.


La Bottega dell'immagine also provides services of subtitling films in all European languages. In this area many years of experience working for major satellite broadcasters (over 1500 subtitled films), has allowed us to ensure a quality product in a timely manner.


We realize duplication by analog media and transcoding in all standards and digital formats.


With the proliferation of analog and digital formats and new devices, along with increases in ever increasing demands and articulated, we provide to multinational companies also cost-optimized technologies, systems to integrate and develop operations of digitization and storage management multifunctional that include:
- Historical knowledge of the audiovisual materials
- Research and vision of audiovisual materials by authorized users: employees, agents, journalists
- Solve real-time duplication services, implementation support for presentations, reassembling, shipping, entries in the network to allow immediate use
- A knowledge of all uses of the products realized

Blu-Ray Disc

The DVD and Blu-Ray Disc are not only devised to be viewed in the movie, but the pleasure in depth the subjects with extra footage - Digital Audio - subtitles - Dolby Digital - DTS - Multi-angle - ability to print documents - development for multimedia interactivity.
We take care of all steps of realization, from concept of extra contributions to their attainment, from authoring to graphic content.


Customers are turning to a facility rather than another because they recognize the passion and expertise,
so that the emotional charge of the achievements have the efficacy that is expected.

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