Hip World Gourmet

with Kevin Dundon

A lifestyle made of food and cooking.
Imagine a vision of pure comfort with an outstanding chef who carefully chooses the best ingredients, transforming them into tasty recipes.
Imagine a vision of pure inspiration and learning, valuable tips and recipes for all.
Hip World Gourmet offers just that. It is a characteristic show of contemporary cuisine.
A great Irish chef - Kevin Dundon - combines concrete information on the recipes to tips aimed directly at the viewer, with a smooth and fresh look that really captures the lush and delicious cuisine and the food of his Ireland.


Produced by:  Pangea Island   and   La Bottega della immagine
Format: 13 episodes x 30' shot in SD
Language: English
Made in 2004

Hip World Gourmet HENS and PIZZA

Hip World Gourmet WINES and MEAT

Hip World Gourmet CLAMS

Hip World Gourmet DESSERT

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