This project has two main meanings:
• make movies that contain memories and emotions in a few minutes of visited places
• you can buy them as souvenir or send them in all the world like a simple envelope
The PostVideoKard is exposed with our video display ( free use ) including a small monitor for viewing the contents of the DVD.
The Boxvideokard instead contains a movie that describes a visit to the museum or any place
with a voiceover in multiple languages, a video - guide of the visited place.
Apparently very similar to an envelope or postcard , PostVideoKard contains a DVD , 12mm
viewable with any home player or with all computers, which adds to the sent memory a visual excitement.
Museums, municipalities, hotel chains, companies, and countless others,
will have to communicate, cheap, nice, flexible.

National Museum of Cinema in Turin (Trailer)

A scented dream - Alba and truffles (Trailer)

Nespolo homecoming (Trailer)